Posted: Apr 29, 2020

As the uncertainty associated with Covid-19 continues, organizations will need to use data to identify and assess the impacts on their business and monitor how a phased recovery should be approached. As part of the Compass Collective, Pontem is offering two different ways to provide clarity during this unprecedented time.

Use Power BI to Better Communicate Company Metrics

Improve your Power BI skills through a personalized training session

Utilizing tools other than excel to manage your data is an important way to strengthen the foundation of a data driven culture. Pontem will provide a personalized 60 min tutorial on how to get started with Microsoft Power BI, so you can increase your organization’s skill set around analytics.

Create More Resilient Processes

Identification of Process Automation Opportunities

In order to increase the resiliency of your organization, it is important to have strong processes that are optimized and automated; however it is not always easy to know what processes are good candidates to be automated.  Pontem will spend 60 mins with you reviewing processes of your choice and provide you with a prioritized list of opportunities to utilize process automation.


If any of these services can assist your business, please connect with us to get started.