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– how pontem helps construction companies?

The construction industry is a competitive environment and many business owners are facing increasingly complex decisions with limited information they can trust. In a tight margin business, leaders need to be alerted to challenges as soon as possible in order to minimize unproductive costs and loss of productivity.  Successful companies are solving execution issues by streamlining their processes and increasing field level tracking. Pontem Innovations works closely with construction companies to help them utilize their data, move from reactive to proactive decision making and ultimately increase profitability.


Construction Company B is a successful company focused on a niche part of building construction. They have experienced significant growth over the last three years and implemented several new templates and processes. Their challenge is in streamlining these templates together in a way that ensures efficient project execution while collecting reliable data in preparation for further automation. Construction Company B wanted to increase the consistency in their approach, so key metrics could be reliably tracked from field operations, resulting in satisfied clients and improved efficiency during project execution.


Pontem engaged the owner and senior leadership of Construction Company B to understand what was working well, what areas needed more attention and how this tied into the company’s business strategy. We reviewed all existing templates and processes to identify where gaps existed and prioritized which areas were having the largest impact on business results. After this prioritization was completed, Pontem began working on the following:


Processes were updated to increase the consistency in how projects are executed


The Project Life Cycle, from the “decision-to-bid” through to “project close out” was documented and streamlined. This allowed issues to be proactively identified and solutions brought forward before schedules or budgets were jeopardized


Established a mechanism to compare project plan to overall project outcomes. This enabled lessons learned to be communicated back to the estimating team to improve future estimate accuracy and bid win rates


Scalability of processes to ensure future growth can be effectively managed


The work completed by Construction Company B and Pontem has resulted in the following business improvements:


Improved Profit Margins through proactive issue identification and increased time spent on planning how to optimize project execution


Regular tracking of site progress led to improvements in field productivity and optimizing allocation of resources


Documentation of Project Life Cycle processes, ensuring that future growth can be managed and executed in a consistent manner by new resources


Improved metrics management to better forecast outcomes and make more informed resourcing decisions


Identification of lowest productivity areas allows field training dollars to be allocated to the areas of highest need

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