Posted: Aug 5, 2021

Many businesses face the challenge of assessing the different options when it comes to developing process automation solutions. Custom-developed software can often seem intimidating because of the planning and requirement gathering need, however, the final solution can ultimately fit around a business’s specific needs. On the other hand, off-the-shelf software can be more accessible but often come with a pre-set solution that might not capture your business’s requirements and force you to customize later on anyways.

Based on our experience working on Process Automation products and solutions, we’ve put together three key factors that can influence your decision towards a specific approach.

  1. Functionality: If an off-the-shelf package can complete 80%+ of what your business is looking for in terms of a process automation solution, then it might be a more attractive option. However, if there’s a larger percentage that needs to be customized to fit the scope and requirements of what your organization is looking for, then building something more customized can be a more cost-efficient and effective solution.
  2. Integration: Depending on the processes you already have in place and the platforms you currently have in your ecosystem, the integration of this solution could make a difference in which solution you decide on. If your ecosystem is complex and would take a lot of effort to transfer your processes into an off-the-shelf solution, working with a customized software developer can enable areas to fit in your existing processes.
  3. Uniqueness: What industry your company falls in might be an important factor to consider when choosing a solution. If there is a well understood, common process in your industry then your confidence in an off-the-shelf solution can be much higher. If you know your industry is unique than finding a solution that offers flexibility and customization is going to be very important for the long term sustainability of the process.

At Pontem Innovations, we work with our clients to develop the best fit solution. We offer a wide range of both custom solutions based on the Microsoft platform, which makes it a good middle ground to total customization and pre-set off the shelf solution. If you’re weighing your options for a new software solution for your business, our expert team at Pontem is here to help. Contact us to get started on crafting a solution that fits your organization’s needs.

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