Frequently Asked Questions

How can Pontem help my business?

Pontem enables you to make data based decisions a competitive advantage and a key driver for business growth. In Foundation, we perform a needs assessment for your business and ensure leadership alignment around goals and intended outcomes. With Analytics and Advisory, we provide customized, real time metrics and we meet with you on a periodic basis to explain deep insights and business recommendations. When your company’s key metrics are accessible and most importantly usable, market changes can be quickly identified, and strategies can be adjusted accordingly! In Applied Machine Learning, we take you to the next level by figuring out what advanced solution would best fit your business. Whether it’s predictive modelling or anomaly detection, we can help you build a cost effective road map!

What makes Pontem different from an IT Consulting company or other Data Analytic Firms?

Pontem believes that organizations who align their business strategy with strong processes focused on quantitative decision making generate more consistent growth and sustainable profits.  At Pontem we don’t just focus on the technical side, we work with leadership to connect operational metrics to strategy in a way that is easily digestible and can be integrated into your business.  Too often organizations get overloaded with information that is tangential to the key drivers of business success. Pontem works with you to identify the most important metrics, accurately track them, and provide recommendations on how to improve them.

What industries does Pontem work with?

Data Innovation can be applied to any industry and organization, which means Pontem has worked across a variety of industries including construction, finance, health service professional offices and retail.  We have worked closely with our clients on improving their business in the following areas: Sales and Client Segmentation, Market Segment Profitability, Estimating Trends, Operations and Project Productivity, Safety Reporting and Overall Forecasting.

How do I know if Pontem is a good match for my business?

If you want to integrate data based decision making into your business operations and strategy, then you are a good match for Pontem.  We want to work with companies who understand that merging their data with new technology will help drive their business forward.  Pontem understands that every organization requires a solution that fits their culture, existing operations and client expectations. Let’s get started on finding your solution!

What exactly is machine learning?

Machine Learning allows organizations to optimize operations and improve the accuracy of their forecasting.  Machine Learning uses different types of algorithms to consistently improve the accuracy of their models as new data is added.  This means companies are able to identify new trends much more quickly and make adjustments to sales and operations strategy before results are significantly affected.

Isn’t machine learning only for big companies?

Machine Learning allows organizations to use their data to create predictive analytics and inform decision making.  There are many levels of complexity to machine learning and the ability for small to medium sized organizations to benefit from basic machine learning is often much higher than large organizations. There are many Machine Learning application tools available that are capable of solving the challenges most businesses face.

Our organization’s data is not in good shape, can you still help us?

Absolutely YES!  Most organizations do not have perfectly accurate data and processes at the level they want.  The good news is that by identifying your most important business drivers you can focus on fixing those areas first and quickly start down the path of more informed decision making and improved business results.

My information requires confidentiality and high levels of security, how does Pontem manage data confidentiality?

One of the values at Pontem is Trust because we understand that data is the heart of your business and provides a competitive advantage.  We have a variety of tools available to ensure the highest levels of security are followed and your information remains.  Non-Disclosure Agreements are signed at the beginning of our relationship and we agree on how data will be stored and remain safe throughout our time working together.

What tools does Pontem use?

We work with a variety of business intelligence tools such as Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, Microsoft Flow and OpenRefine. We are also using Azure Machine Learning Studio and AutoML for predictive analytics. When things get even more complex or if we encounter a customer that requires a more advanced solution, Pontem has strategic technical partners that can help!

We want to try just the initial assessment, can I do that?

Yes, all Pontem services can be done independently of one another and there is no requirement to do the full suite of services. If the three key areas of the Pontem Approach don’t seem to be the solution that you are looking for, then reach out to us and we can help you create your own data innovation solution.

Still have questions?