Posted: Jun 10, 2021

Creating an Environment for Excellence

Morgan Construction and Environmental Ltd. is an oilfield construction company based out of Edmonton, Alberta and with branches across the province. With over 50 years of experience working on projects ranging in size, timelines, and budgets across Western and Northern Canada, Morgan Construction prides itself on the delivery of excellence and upholding the utmost workplace safety. 


Morgan Construction believes that the core of their business lies in their employees and contractors. Due to the nature of their business, the company has a high volume of these individuals being onboarded to work on contracts across the various oilfield sites they serve.  

Morgan’s team of recruiters and coordinators relied on a shared Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to manage and track the onboarding progress of employees. This method was time-consuming, susceptible to human error, and was no longer an efficient tool considering the volume of individuals that were being onboarded at a time. The spreadsheet could not show the team up-to-date reporting nor could it efficiently organize the 200+ employees tracked in the spreadsheet. The team needed a solution for providing timely and accurate reports to executives and client sites to ensure they were kept up-to-date on the status of when employees and contractors would be available for the next job.  

The team at Morgan sought out a solution from Pontem that would allow them to organize, track, and report on the progress of these employees to ensure that all requirements were met and that progress could be accurately reported to keep all stakeholders, especially site leadership, informed.  

“Pontem took the time to understand my business needs, listened to what my pain points were and took the lead with FlowForma to create a customized workflow that will work for recruitment. “


Pontem developed a digital workflow that organized the onboarding process, reduced the likelihood of human errors, and allowed for automated, timely, and accurate progress reporting. To ensure this strategy aligned with the current needs of the organization along with the strategic direction for future growth, Pontem worked closely with the Field Recruitment Supervisor and members of the team to develop a customized solution with the use of FlowForma Process Automation.  

By using FlowForma Process Automation as the basis for the digital workflow, Pontem could tailor the tool to meet the specific needs of the business requirements – particularly the automation of the process that allowed the HR team to no longer manually update documents, track progress status through one shared Excel, nor email documents back and forth.  

“Pontem included me in every step of the development with organized meetings, progress reports, and phased testing. Every question or concern I had was addressed with a quick phone call, or email.”

FlowForma is a process automation and workflow product that is installed on the Microsoft Sharepoint platform. The tool incorporates forms, workflow, document generation and decision making all in one place while being 100% no code which gives the power to business experts.  

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Morgan Construction can now utilize a digital workflow – using a digital form from FlowForma Process Automation dedicated to each employee being onboarded and having it automate into Power BI to provide reporting for stakeholders. The recruiting team can use these forms in SharePoint to stay up-to-date and organized with digital task lists for each employee and receive automated notifications and stakeholders are able to get easy-to-digest, customized report pages for high-level executive updates, detailed reports to site, and historical analysis. These reports allowed any person in the organization to see up-to-date key metrics and the statuses of new hires through either laptops or mobile devices. 

The team at Morgan is now better organized, has more controls to prevent manual error, and is able to see results and reports in a timely manner with the most accurate results. This has saved them a lot time they would have spent doing this work, allowing Morgan Construction to scale their business without the need to add new positions.  

“The digital workflow built with FlowForma has helped bring automation into the recruitment onboarding process, taking what was a giant excel spreadsheet with endless data entry that had outgrown its capabilities and combined it into a process flow that is very intuitive to use. The business logic built into FlowForma will save time and increase data integrity because information is only touched once.

My team is very excited to have this digital workflow!”

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