Posted: Jun 11, 2020


With the shift towards increased transparency and risk-based decision making, many Health Professional Colleges are looking for ways to improve their core regulatory responsibilities (e.g. registration, renewal, continuing competence, professional conduct) through online process automation. Manual processes, such as tracking registrations and complaints for example, have limited process documentation and lacking reliable digital applications.



Utilize data to inform decisions using a risk-based approach (e.g. right touch regulation – early identification of risk to inform regulator processes based on a preventative rather than a reactive, punitive approach.

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Conducted interviews with key members of management to understand their existing processes and identify key areas where the tracking of data would improve oversight and decision making.


Documented key processes using easy to read flow charts. We then mapped the areas where processes could be measured using existing data sources and linked those areas to the flow charts with accompanying interactive visualizations.


Our work helped the client with:

  • Improving efficiencies through increased automation of registration and renewal processes. This helped identify bottlenecks in their processes on a timely basis.
  • Tracking and utilizing complaints data (both informal and formal complaints) to identify key opportunities for regulated member education through the continuing competence program.
  • Observing key trends in their registration information such as the timing of registrations and differences based on demographic factors such as age, gender, and location. This demographic analysis helped with budgeting and forecasting.
  • Risk analysis of regulated members to identify risky behaviours that could be proactively rectified.
  • Amalgamations: analysis and integration of operational processes to aid in the amalgamation of two or more colleges.
  • Beginning to develop a data driven culture moving forward.


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