Posted: May 28, 2020

Accurate information empowers leaders to make informed decisions

With most of North America now working from home, executives are left to consider how they can effectively lead their businesses without regularly being in the same place as their employees.  Our clients have begun to ask us questions such as:

  • How can my team stay connected and ensure we understand what’s happening with our business?
  • How can I access the information I need to make proactive decisions and direct my employees accordingly?
  • How will we know the impact on our business and when things are beginning to stabilize?

Having accurate and timely information about your business is the key to leading through times of uncertainty, and will empower you to make the best decisions.  Data analytics is a critical tool to provide this information, ensuring clarity as you work to find solutions.

At Pontem we are actively developing solutions to help our clients through this instability and provide the ability to quickly adapt as conditions change.  Three simple solutions we’re recommending are:

  1. An Executive Dashboard containing the top 4 or 5 metrics for your business
  2. Cashflow Tracking / Forecasting Analytics
  3. Budget Revision Sensitivity Analysis

These analytics are incredibly valuable in allowing leaders to make informed decisions based on the impact of current events on their business. Although we don’t know how long this uncertainty will last, the ability to better track important metrics will be a key tool for organizations to excel both now and when stability returns. 

Have the information you need to make informed decisions – begin your journey to becoming a data-driven organization today by getting in touch with our team.


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