The Financial Summary is useful for finance teams that are responsible for providing reporting to a wide variety of stakeholders with varying levels of finance expertise. It eliminates the need to manually generate reporting and ensures that information is displayed to stakeholders  in a clear, interactive way.


  • Breakdown of revenue, COGS, gross margin, expenses and earnings, with a “Details” view for those who want to see in a table view
  • Ability to view by divisions or department, product, or service lines
  • Exportable to excel or pdf’s to be used in other reporting
  • Can be part of MD&A or board packages
  • Can be used on any financial system
    • ie. Quickbooks, Zero, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Oracle
  • Only 7 columns of data required:
    • Date
    • Account
    • Sub-Account
    • Department
    • Division (or any other characteristic)
    • Amount
    • Actual or Budget

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