Dashboards can help you see your most important business data at a glance, understand your performance in seconds, and leverage your data to drive strategic decisions.

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Seamless Integration

These analytic solutions have the capability of combining different systems from CRM to accounting to HR that don’t talk to each other and create one log-in for all your systems.

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User-Friendly Experience

With an easy to use interface and many interactive and collaborative features, customized analytics reduces the need for multiple versions of Excel spreadsheets because of row-level security and customized pages.

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Track Performance and Goals

With better visibility over the company’s overall performance, highlighting anomalies in data and tracking key performance indicators can aid in measuring progress to company goals.

Our Process

How does it work?

opportunity discussion

Step one

Opportunity Discussion

Our team will sit down with you and discuss how leveraging data can help in achieving your company’s strategic goals. In this discussion we’ll cover areas such as how your company can continue to scale with these analytics in place.

Step TWO

Start Now Analytics

Our Start Now package is an opportunity to see what is possible for your company by taking on a phased approach of scoping the project and working on a proof of concept. This approach keeps things manageable, cost-effective, and allows for a better foundation for stakeholders to understand the desired outcomes.

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Detailed Proposal

In creating a detailed proposal, we provide you with a solution roadmap specifically customized to your company needs and goals. 


Custom Development

Once the proposal is approved, we will begin creating the solution, building it out with constant communication and collaboration with various stakeholders to ensure consistent alignment and to ensure overall strategy and change management are top of mind.

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Roll Out & Continuous Improvement

Pontem provides post roll out usage metrics to understand where users are using the solution the most, how to encourage more uptake, and how it can improve current decision making and operations.

"“Pontem took the time to understand our needs and created a user-friendly CRM. They have been easy to work with and very organized.” "

Sales Manager at RedCo

Redco Group, the leading independent player within the Canadian pressure control equipment market, sought out a reporting solution that would consolidate the views of their metrics across the company and allow for greater collaboration between departments. 

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Redco turned to Pontem Innovations to create a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) form and interactive dashboard reporting that could offer them a consolidated view of their metrics across all departments. 

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To approach this, Pontem worked closely with the team to review that goals and priorities were aligned with the strategy and vision and developed a Power Platform solution to scale with the business over time.

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Utilizing the CRM, Redco can have a central data repository and they can now track revenue, margin, performance by salesperson, and seeing the number of bids and prospects over time, among many others. 

Platforms We Use

We are platform agnostic.

Here are some of the most common data analytics tools we use. As part of our value add, we can teach you how to use these platforms effectively.

Microsoft Power BI
Google Data Studio
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Microsoft Access
Google Analytics
IBM Maximo
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Systems We Use

We work with a variety of systems.

Here are some of the common data systems we have encountered in the projects we have done. If your database or application is not on this list, we can still work with you!

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