Workflow automation can enable companies to make quicker, smarter decisions and empower employees to collaborate in a way that ensures the most productive use of their time.

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Enhanced Productivity

By having an automation plan, redundancies can be mitigated as soon as they are identified and time spent on simple tasks can be minimized to allow for more time spent on more meaningful high value work.

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Reduced Error

Automation can cut down the possibility of human error to ensure that data is as accurate as possible. The capabilities of workflow automation can also highlight risk in current processes that can enable better control on areas that have significant financial impact.

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Better Insight into Business Processes

Digitizing business processes ensures the ability to start tracking data now and measure it into the future. Process reviews can also highlight potential gaps that leaders can now address to minimize risk and increase scalability.

Pontem Innovations is proud to be FlowForma's Canadian Partner

flowforma process automation

Process Automation Made Easy

FlowForma is a process automation and workflow product that is installed on the Microsoft Sharepoint platform. The tool incorporates forms, workflow, document generation and decision making all in one place while being 100% no code which gives the power to business experts. Here’s a link to a video teaser that gives you an overview of the value of FlowForma as a no code solution.

Our Process

How does it work?

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Step one

Opportunity Discussion

Our team will sit down with you and discuss how leveraging data can help in achieving your company’s strategic goals. In this discussion we’ll cover areas such as how your company can continue to scale with this solution in place.

Step TWO

Start Now Workflow Automation

Our Start Now package is an opportunity to see what is possible for your company in regards to the current scope. Ensuring the technology toolkit is optimized is essential because the cost of a bad decision due to an ineffective technology toolset can be large.

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Detailed Proposal or Roadmap

In creating a detailed proposal, we provide you with a solution roadmap specifically customized to your company needs and goals.



Once the proposal is approved, we will begin creating the solution, building it out with constant communication and collaboration with various stakeholders to ensure consistent alignment and to ensure overall strategy and change management are top of mind.

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Roll Out & Continuous Improvement

Pontem provides post roll out usage metrics to understand where users are using the solution the most, how to encourage more uptake, and how it can improve current decision making and operations.

"We are impressed by their creativity and drive for new ideas.”

Director of Customer Service at

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Microsoft Access
Google Analytics
IBM Maximo
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Systems We Use

We work with a variety of systems.

Here are some of the common data systems we have encountered in the projects we have done. If your database or application is not on this list, we can still work with you!

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