Customized Analytics

Let Pontem Innovations help improve your reporting with interactive, automated dashboards. We will consolidate information from different systems into an easy to use dashboard that provides a high-level snapshot of company performance and various levels of detail that help decision-makers take action.

Process Automation

Pontem Innovations automates the mining of data for reporting, which ensures consistency in the timing of updates and eliminates the time consuming task of manually manipulating your data in spreadsheets.  Through our partnership with FlowForma we can also digitize your processes and create automated workflows to save you time and money.

Pontem Products

At Pontem Innovations, we create automated dashboards that tell the story of your business performance.  We do this remotely, quickly, and cost effectively so that your team can gain real-time insights into your business and take proactive steps to improve results.

Get clarity on your business performance while removing the uncertainty of who’s collecting the data, when it’s being updated and how it’s being utilized.

Get a quick snapshot of key financial information, identify key trends, and ultimately brings your financials to life.


Fleet Analytics Logo1

Fleet Analytics Dashboard

Your fleet is a large expense. Pull all of your fleet information into one dashboard to understand your true fleet performance.


Proposal Tracking Logo

Proposal Tracking Dashboard

Understand the status of your estimates and know where the focus should be to gain more work.


Risk Analytics Logo

Risk Analytics Dashboard

Do you know where the biggest risk to your business is? Build more resiliency through real-time risk analytics.

Health and Safety Dashboard 2

Health and Safety Dashboard

Get the safety info you need quickly, whether it’s consolidated company trends or site-specific details.


Client Scorecard 1 1

Client Scorecard

Do you know what a good client looks like? Get a detailed view of what makes a “good client” and get insight into how to turn a good client into a great one!


Custom Analytics Logo

Custom Analytics

Identify a problem and we will build your data analytics or process automation project to provide a solution tailored to your specific needs.

The following is included when you choose a product from Pontem Innovations:

  • Unlimited training for all users
  • Unlimited changes to chart preferences, visualization colour scheme’s, naming
    conventions within the same data set 
  • Up to 5 different role security groupings for the reporting (e.g. provide unique views, so that only the information you want displayed to a group is available)
  • Ability to pilot products in development
  • Customization to fit your brand

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