An Executive Dashboard is a key tool for senior leaders to track business performance and gain consistency around their reporting. With information coming from so many diverse systems and departments, it is challenging for businesses to consolidate this information into one location. Often this consolidation is done manually and inconsistently. Pontem will automate the pulling of data, which ensures consistency in the timing of updates and eliminates the time-consuming task of manually pulling and manipulating data.



  • Ability to cost effectively merge data together from multiple systems
  • Consistent reporting formats for all stakeholders
  • Report security that ensures report users are only seeing the information you want them to see
  • Automated reporting frees up resources time to take action on the results instead of gathering and manipulating data
  • Dashboards can be accessed anywhere through mobile devices as each dashboard is developed to be viewed on whatever type of screen is most convenient for the user


  • Can include up to 3 data sources and 10 report pages 
  • Examples of categories and report pages:

The Executive Dashboard is for organizations that want consistency in the information being reviewed by Senior Leaders. Companies that have complexity in their business and want to take a more integrated approach to solving challenges will benefit significantly from this tool.


Revenue Breakdown
Expense Breakdown 

Client Snapshot 

Client Profitability
Projects / Client 
Revenue / Client

Human Resources 

Headcount / Department 
Trends in Salary / Revenue
Avg Salary / Department 

Operations / Execution

Productivity Measures
Project / Job Tracking & Variances
Supply Chain 

Sales / Estimating  

Opportunity / Sales Tracking
Sales Funnel / Prospects


Digital Marketing
Website Analytics

Through a customized interactive Executive Dashboard, senior leaders can finally answer the key questions about company performance and comparisons to targets and previous results. Sales, operations, financials and share service results can all be viewed in one location, which allows leaders to be proactive in their identification of challenges and be able to track if their solutions are working.

“The most significant outcome that came out of this project was that we realized that as a medium-sized business we can still find affordable and useful ways to utilize the data we collect to help build our business. So often we think that it’s something that is out of reach or not affordable but Pontem made it possible. It also made us start thinking about the ways in which we can use data effectively and; more importantly, have important conversations about what data really matters and what data doesn’t.”

– Marion Fyshe, VP Sales & Projects of McNish Steel

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