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Public Tender Analytics

Strategic overview for enhanced performance.

Our solution, the Procurement Data Analytics (PDA) Dashboard, helps Estimating and Project Management groups gain a strategic view of all public tender results in a fraction of the time compared to manual searches. This knowledge helps increase win rate and accurately assess win probability using data and not feelings.

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The Benefits

Quick and customizable search results.

This is achieved by Pontem’s consolidation of all public tender data in North America in real time and automating the reporting of a competitive analysis of tender results by a variety of filters, identification of new tenders and quick links to bid details, and the ability to automatically search tender information from over 100 websites across North America. 

A Public Tender Analytics License includes:



Unlimited training for license holder for however many members on the team.



The creation of customized owner groups and/or bidder groups for quick monitoring.



The ability to request customized tender groups, which will be created using a Machine Learning Algorithm.


Both companies and project owners alike can benefit.


Companies can use details and data gathered to compare selves to others in competitive landscape and position themselves competitively:

  • Save time – review all public tenders across Canada with a single click
  • Competitive Advantage – understand how your competition is doing, so you can adjust your bidding strategy accordingly
  • Historical Results and Trends
  • Track Open Tenders

Project Owners

Allows Owners to be proactive on understanding what the market for different types of project:

  • What companies will be likely to bid
  • Find similar RFP’s to understand the language that resonates
  • View the pricing on previous RFP’s of similar scope
  • Understand the trends of when RFP’s are put out to the market and find times when competition could be less

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