Increase your win rate.
Gain a competitive advantage.

The Procurement Data Analytics Tool

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Increase your win rate.
Gain a competitive advantage.

The Procurement Data Analytics Tool

The PDA Dashboard consolidates public tender data from across North America to help teams take a strategic approach to their public tender bids.

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Understand the market and win more projects.

Public Tender Analytics

Improve your public tender bid rate with the click of a button.

Our solution, the Procurement Data Analytics (PDA) Dashboard, helps Estimating and Project Management groups gain a strategic view of all public tender results in a fraction of the time compared to manual searches. This knowledge helps increase win rate and accurately assess win probability using data and not feelings.

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Case Study

Real World Results

“Within the first few days of our trial, I knew our company would be procuring a license for the Procurement Data Analytics Dashboard. I could tell right away, without seeing the final data, that this system would save us time and money, while providing us with a sense of comfort that no opportunities would be overlooked.”

Why Pontem?

Pontem was born out of the experience of business executives who were frustrated by not having timely, accurate and digestible information available to them to assess performance and make strategic decisions


Pontem can give you a clear line of sight on different aspects of your business, enabling you and your team to be proactive and innovative.


Inefficient reporting and processes can be eliminated by engaging Pontem on projects that have clear ROI and a direct impact to your bottom line.


Starting a project today will lead to a continuous improvement culture around data driven decisions that ultimately lead to better business outcomes.

The Benefits

Review all public tenders across Canada with a single click.

This is achieved by Pontem’s consolidation of all public tender data in North America in real time and automating the reporting of a competitive analysis of tender results by a variety of filters, identification of new tenders and quick links to bid details, and the ability to automatically search tender information from over 100 websites across North America. 

A Public Tender Analytics License includes:

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Unlimited training for license holder for however many members on the team.

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The creation of customized owner groups and/or bidder groups for quick monitoring.

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The ability to request customized tender groups, which will be created using a Machine Learning Algorithm.


Both companies and project owners alike can benefit.


Companies can use details and data gathered to compare selves to others in competitive landscape and position themselves competitively:

  • Save time – review all public tenders across Canada with a single click
  • Competitive Advantage – understand how your competition is doing, so you can adjust your bidding strategy accordingly
  • Historical Results and Trends
  • Track Open Tenders

Project Owners

Allows Owners to be proactive on understanding what the market for different types of project:

  • What companies will be likely to bid
  • Find similar RFP’s to understand the language that resonates
  • View the pricing on previous RFP’s of similar scope
  • Understand the trends of when RFP’s are put out to the market and find times when competition could be less

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