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The Pontem Education team have worked in School Boards and understand the daily challenges that teachers and administrators face. We implement solutions in a way that save time for employees by reducing the manual, repetitive tasks that are so often tied to reporting.

Financial Reporting

Maximize the visibility and productivity of your Financial Systems by automating processes, tracking key metrics and creating analytics that can be utilized by stakeholders.


Prepare budgets in Power BI with embedded scenario analysis for areas like staff planning, special needs and student capacity planning. Assess key operational processes and data quality.

Test Benchmarks

We create analytics for student test results in areas like Literacy and Numeracy Testing. We can reduce the time required to create reporting by 90%.

Custom Service

Identify an area where your process and reporting can be improved and we will work with you to implement a sustainable, cost effective solution.

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Saving Teacher's Time and Improving Reporting

See how automating reports and identifying better tools for the job can lead to significant cost and time savings.

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