Posted: Oct 7, 2020

flowforma process automation

Pontem Innovations is excited to officially partner with FlowForma! Pontem Innovations has partnered with FlowForma to accelerate digital process automation for organizations across Canada. FlowForma is the leading provider of Process Automation Tools for Microsoft Office 365 and their award winning tool has helped organizations across the world to quickly deploy digital processes. With increased challenges for business leaders in today’s world due to disconnected and complex data, Pontem Innovations helps clients to make informed decisions by automating reporting and identifying gaps in an organization’s workflow and data management. To further strengthen our process automation offerings, Pontem Innovations sought the services of the FlowForma Process Automation tool as a solution for its clients to automate processes with speed and agility.

FlowForma’s Process Automation tool uniquely stands out in the market as it is 100% no-code, which allows companies to quickly onboard and roll out automated processes across an organization. The 3-in-1 toolset combines forms, workflows and document generation together in a single product that results in better remote working, customer experiences and compliance.

The Pontem team loves efficient process and this tool is incredibly complementary to the use of analytics and maximizing your data to drive decision making. We are excited to make this tool even more accessible to Canadian organizations and are looking forward to helping your business take ownership of building automated, optimized workflows. Contact us today at [email protected] and let us show you how your organization can unlock the potential of digital process automation.

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