Posted: Jun 3, 2021

Business intelligence and workflow automation have drastically changed the world of productivity and performance throughout the years. By automating workflows and reporting methods, organizations can better focus their time and efforts on tasks that require the specialized skillsets of their employees. On the other hand, business intelligence, or customized analytic solutions, provide a way for organizations to unlock value from their data and use it to improve business decisions and increase overall performance. 

So, how do these two tools aid your business growth?

Workflow Automation: Productivity and Performance

At Pontem, we’ve found ways to make process automation easy and create a digitally-driven competitive advantage. The processes that help run the business from document generation, time approval, and customer satisfaction forms can often be repetitive, tedious, and don’t necessarily make the best use of your employee’s skillsets. They can be prone to human error and can create issues that stunt performance and deflate productivity. That’s where workflow automation comes in. It gives businesses better opportunities for collaboration, improves workload management, and better captures and sorts data with minimized errors.  

Customized Analytics: Insights and Planning

At Pontem, we create customized analytics solutions that propel data-driven decisions and actionable insights for your organization. Business intelligence creates context for present and historical data and leverages performance and competitor benchmarks to help shape your future-looking strategies. From identifying ways to increase profit, analyzing customer behaviour, optimizing operations, and comparing data of the market and competitors, business intelligence is a necessary tool to ensure your team is equipped with the insights you need.  

How Do They Work Together?

We believe in the best of both worlds. Organizations that use both process automation and business intelligence solutions can see increased productivity, scalability, and ensure that all decisions they make are data-driven and propelled by actionable insights. Integrating the two can bring your organization the advantages of both tools. By exploring your data with a customized analytics solution and using it as a central source of information, you can use those insights and connect workflow automations to that central data source. 

At Pontem Innovations, we believe that combining workflow automation and customized analytics can give your organization the tools and power to unlock your data, deliver key insights, and build the future of your organization with enhanced productivity and performance. Contact Pontem today to learn more about how we can integrate these solutions for your organization.

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