Posted: Mar 11, 2021

Laying the Foundation for Operational Success

Redco Group is the leading independent player within the Canadian pressure control equipment market. With their pillars centred around the core ideas of honesty, integrity, and dedication, they provide a full spectrum of wellhead expertise and differentiates itself through its breadth of products, reputation for quality, and focus on providing excellent field service. With these values in mind, Redco sought out a reporting solution that would consolidate the views of their metrics across the company and allow for greater collaboration between departments.


All four departments of Redco had been using their own methods to track and record bids: two used ERP systems that did not provide the functionality they needed and the other two used Excel spreadsheets that were time-consuming and error-prone to update. Neither of these systems tracked prospects which excluded a large amount of meaningful data for their Sales Strategy and neither provided a detailed view of their operational results, making it difficult to track whether resources and effort were efficiently meeting the demand.  

Redco turned to Pontem Innovations to create a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) form and interactive dashboard reporting that could offer them a consolidated view of their Prospecting and Bidding metrics across all departments. 

“Pontem took the time to understand our needs and created a user-friendly CRM.  They have been easy to work with and very organized.”


To approach this, Pontem worked closely with the Sales Manager to review their goals and priorities to ensure the strategy and vision would be aligned, and had the capabilities to capture the appropriate level of detail.   

Pontem’s solution was to custom develop a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool in the Microsoft Power Platform that could scale with the company over time and populate it into a dashboard to better visualize their data. The CRM was focused on capturing information in three main categories: prospecting, bidding and its corresponding reporting. By focusing on these areas to develop, Pontem was able to put measures in place that could track the productivity and use of resources per bid but also keep up to date with potential prospects. 

By using Power Apps, any member of the Sales team could input the information from the respective bid or prospect from their laptop or phone and connect directly to the data warehouse. The visualization capabilities of Power BI allowed every user to see a customized view of the data depending on what is most relevant to their role. 

Part of the long-term scaling strategy included potentially adding an active account list, competition and market news information, and even a revenue forecast to be implemented in the future. 


Utilizing the CRM, Redco can have a central data repository for prospect tracking and bid tracking for all their departments, and they can now track revenue, margin, performance by salesperson, and seeing the number of bids and prospects over time, among many others. Further, this data is now automatically visualized and viewable by the sales team and the larger leadership group, to lay the foundation for growth and strategic decision-making. 

“Our custom CRM has given the entire organization visibility to the sales team and market activity.

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