Posted: Nov 9, 2020

What is the Power BI Mobile App?

The Power BI mobile app is an often-overlooked tool in most businesses. With little effort, you can access all your data/reporting on the go, at no extra charge. While viewing Power BI on your desktop or browser will likely stay as your primary contact point, accessing purpose-built reports via the mobile app opens the door for new areas of business intelligence. In our workforce where a significant portion of employees are not seated at a desk, why does access to informative and useful data need to be as well?

By downloading the official Power BI App from all major mobile app stores, the reader has already done half the work. Once the app is open, they only need to login with correct credentials and find themselves greeted with workspaces, apps, and dashboards–all just as you would find on desktop browser.

Why Should You Be Using It?

Take the case of a sales representative who meets with multiple potential new clients each day and is constantly fielding questions from prospective new customers. A properly built Power BI dashboard for mobile usage could provide the following resources:

Live-updating price lists

price tag

Determine prices, margins, and revenue instantly based on mobile app inputs

Asking your data questions


 Type a question out on your phone and let Microsoft’s smart tech immediately pull an answer

Geo-filtered Information


 Let your current location determine what data you see in reports. This means that you will always have appropriate customer data regardless of where the customer’s location is.

One of the best things about the Power BI Mobile App is how little effort it requires on the back end. For your Power BI developer, it only requires current visualizations to be enabled for mobile-viewing as well and then organizing these visuals on mobile-specific dashboard pages. The capabilities provided by Power BI mobile would be arduous to reproduce on excel for both development and interaction reasons. As such, this is a feature unique to businesses who have advanced their capabilities beyond the basic Microsoft suite.

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