Building The Bridge Towards Data Innovation

What Is Data Innovation?

Transforming organizations through the use of data in new and non-traditional ways.


A strong foundation is required to build a long lasting structure. In an organization, that foundation is tied to strong processes and information you can trust. 

Pontem works with your leadership team to identify opportunities for data and process innovation, assess its potential impact to strategic objectives, and outline the changes required to achieve them. 

Analytics & Advisory

Understanding and prioritizing the ever expanding volume of data is challenging. At Pontem, we are experts at developing meaningful data storyboards so that you can better understand your business and enable your teams to make more informed decisions.

As part of this service, we share recommendations on improving data accuracy and establishing sustainable solutions for what matters most in your business.

Applied Machine Learning

Machine learning is becoming more mainstream for all companies big or small. There are an increasing number of ML software options and development opportunities to solve your more complex issues. 

Pontem will help to identify the best place to start and empower you to apply this powerful technology that will set you apart from your competitors. The time to act is now. 

Explore Applications

You can integrate analytics, predictive methods and process optimization into any industry and organization. Here are some of our favorite examples!

Dispatch & Route Optimization

How can you ensure you are minimizing driving time and fuel cost while maximizing work orders completed and satisfying your customers?

Customer Segmentation

Are you able to cluster your customers by region and preferred services in order to do more targeted sales and business development?

Measuring Marketing Results

Can you tie digital advertising data to sales of certain products and promotional items to learn from its success or failure?

Retail Experiments

Can you run experiments in your various retail sites and determine if you need to pivot your approach to sales and operations? 

Planning & Scheduling

Would you be able to predict the level of manpower you will need based on the cyclical nature of your industry?

Creating Baselines

Do you actually know when you are doing well or when you’re doing poorly? Stop gut-checking and pinpoint a baseline given a set of factors.

Outlier Alerts

Would you want a text or email when a critical anomaly is detected in your business so that you can proactively solve it?

Efficiency Search

Do you find areas in your business that are extremely rules based and can clearly have an automated process?

Make Sense of It

Are you confused by how a specific function works from end to end? Need some clarity and documented process to begin with?

"Re-imagine your business and you'll be surprised that small tweaks can make a huge difference."

Start Small. Start Simple.

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