Posted: Sep 16, 2021

At Pontem, we regularly speak about the importance of data. Data, if leveraged to its full extent, can be one of the most powerful tools a business can have. The same goes for non-profit organizations. A study by EveryAction surveyed over 460 nonprofit professionals and 90% of respondents indicated that their organizations is collecting data, however nearly half said they aren’t fully aware of the way that data impacts their work. 

Nonprofit organizations (NPOs) face a number of repetitive, data-driven tasks in their day-to-day operations, often without the time or resources to complete these tasks in an efficient manner. Beyond that, the fundraising, marketing, programs, and even finance all capture specific data points that could be tracked to optimize resources for future strategic planning.  

The study from EveryAction found that only 5% of respondents said their organization’s decision-making was driven by data. While NPOs understand the importance of collecting data, not enough are utilizing data analysis better inform their strategic decisions and position themselves to better serve their communities. 

To further empower NPOs to make data-driven decisions, Pontem has created an Impact Analysis Dashboard. Our dashboard is designed to track data in the following ways: 

  • Donor Management: Tracking financial and operational metrics for the organization can better equip the board to make strategic decisions. Proper donor management tracking that incorporates predictive analytics can assist in forming that strategy. 
  • Community Impact: To help bring in funding and build trust with prospective donors, tracking community impact metrics such as volunteer hours can be showcased in shareholder and community reports.
  • Impact Assessment/Analytics: It is critical for donors, volunteers, staff, and the community as a whole to have visibility over the impact of the NPO to its stakeholders and beneficiaries. Telling the story using the data is impactful and could encourage further funding and engagement from donors and volunteers. 

For NPOs to truly thrive in this increasingly digital landscape, using data analytics to take insight-driven action is essential. With the right tools, metrics, and KPIs, NPOs can better identify new opportunities and adapt existing operations to drive further success and increase their community impact. Contact Pontem today to learn more about creating a solution that can enable your NPO to start making data-driven decisions to further the impact on your community. 

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