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flowforma process automation

FlowForma is revolutionizing the traditional BPM space with an innovative approach to developing award-winning process automation and workflow products.

The company is headquartered in Dublin with offices in London and Boston and is motivated by its values to innovate, evolve and achieve with employees, customers and partners.

Our Clients

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“They broke our data down into digestible formats, which is key for us since we have so much data and need to know how to use it. They’ve helped make sense of a huge amount of information. From a consulting perspective, they’re a pleasure to work with. They set out objectives, follow up on them, meet the goals, and bill us accordingly. I get a lot of value from the relationship and have built a lot of trust in them as business partners.” 

– Katrina Bonnycastle, Co-Founder

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“The most significant outcome that came out of this project was that we realized that as a medium-sized business we can still find affordable and useful ways to utilize the data we collect to help build our business. So often we think that it’s something that is out of reach or not affordable but Pontem made it possible. It also made us start thinking about the ways in which we can use data effectively and; more importantly, have important conversations about what data really matters and what data doesn’t.”

– Marion Fyshe, VP Sales & Projects

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