We Empower Leaders To Make Data Driven Decisions

Pontem Bridges The Gap

We named our company Pontem, as it translates to the word “bridge” in Latin. Bridges connect people and ideas. In a similar way, Pontem will work with you to make sense of your data and build a competitive advantage for your organization – today, tomorrow, and for the future.





Opportunity Identification

Process Automation

Improved Data Integrity

Strategy Alignment

Analytics & Advisory

Actionable Analytics

Measurable KPIs

Data Storytelling

Accurate Forecasting

Applied Machine Learning

Feature Engineering

Machine Learning Software Options

Predictive Analytics

Recommendation Models


Why You Should Care?

The data available to us changes every day and every hour. This explosion in information has increased the possibilities available to organizations and entire industries. Successful companies are embracing this new world by unlocking the value of their data, re-imagining what is possible in their business and using reliable data as a driver for growth and profitability.

What Makes Us Unique?

At Pontem, we believe organizations that effectively utilize their information to inform decision making will be industry leaders. We take a business first approach to using data innovation tools and actively collaborate with your team to implement simple and sustainable solutions to organizational challenges. We empower small to medium size organizations by identifying the areas with the greatest opportunity to improve results and creating actionable insights through data storytelling and improved forecasting.

Start Small. Start Simple.

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